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The Finders Keepers’ Small Business Hub is bursting with tips, tricks, advice and knowledge from the FK team, industry experts and your fellow small biz owners! We’re regularly adding practical resources here from articles to checklists, templates and how-to’s. Jump in!

Market Specific Resources

Need help with your market preparation?

We’ve compiled some handy checklists you can download, edit and start using today!

These are just our guides and suggestions based on helping hundreds of stallholders prepare for market success. Simply download in the format of your choice and start making your own.

Market Supplies Checklist - Template:

Everyone needs a master supplies checklist document! Make sure you are super prepared with what you need to pack and utilise over the market weekend.

Market Checklist Guide:

Here is a handy guide of our top tips of what you need to do before a market, and don’t forget after too! Use as-is or edit to make it your own.

Market Countdown Template - Blank:

Need a big list handy of all your market to-do’s? Start your market production line preparation list with all the things you need to do in the lead-up, we have separated your weekly countdown as a blank sheet ready for you to add into, and look out for our handy market preparation tips along the way.

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